Mars Colony

Mars Colonies

Man first came to mars in 2024. It was a short-lived mission which was more of a statement then anything else. It was a statement that said, “We are here, and here we will stay”. After that two month long mission the human crew returned home as heroes to parades held in their own in the many nations that co-opted the journey. For you see, it wasn’t a “nation” that put man on Mars first. It was a company. A pioneer in internet technologies who later co-opted with an eccentric English Entrepreneur/Playboy to build a ship to take us there.

It was only a few short years later that more manned missions would arrive on the red sands of Mars where the Lunae planum planes which became the Plymouth Rock of a new society. Originally the colony was called Virgle, after it’s respective founders, but later the names changed to fit more “martian/earth” ancestry.

Mars Government

The Mars Government, or simply rather the United Colonies, functions much like the United States Government of old did with a few exceptions. While there are three branches of governance (The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch) instead of a Congress there is simply parliament. Each colony city has a number of representatives based on their population which represents them in Ares City. In order for a colony to become recognized by the United Colonies the settlement/colony must have a population of at least 1000 people and be able to provide for their own. If they fail to do this on a consistant basis, then they can instead be considered a territory which grants them partial rights in the United Colonies (they receive the benefits of statehood in resources but do not retain seats in Parliament). Also each individual colony is afford their own Governor, their own parliament, and their own judiciary branch.

Ares City

The greek name for Mars, this was chosen to replace the original outpost’s name and soon citizens of this city began to simply refer to themselves as Sons of Ares (jokingly). Ares is the largest city and the home of it’s central government and boasts the largest population at about 100,000 residents.

Life in Ares City

Day to day life is comparable to life as it was on Earth before the fall except that it takes place in a hostile environment and domed city centers are the normal. People live in large apartment structures which are burrowed below the surface as well in towers that overlook the martian horizon. There are shops, restaurants, cafes, factories, parks, gyms, and movie theaters to keep residents entertained and occupied.

Children go to school during the day as adults go about their jobs. Homelessness and poverty isn’t really an issue inside of Ares City since everyone is tasked with a job to do and are allotted a domicile. Life inside Ares is a highly regulated affair due to the nature of a colony and if one is unable to perform one’s duty then they are often shipped out of Ares to one of the lesser populated cities.

Ares is home to the Mars Militia Force, which is a direct descendant of the United States Air Force and United States Army.

Mars Colony

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