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Here you will find information about the world after the world. A place where civilization has collapsed, radiation and maelstroms wrack the lost lands, and survivors roam under the shadows of warlord rule.

The End of the World. [The Setting]

No one’s really sure how it all went down. But one thing’s for sure, it wasn’t just “one” specific event. It wasn’t just the bombs that fell. It wasn’t just the dead rising from their graves. It wasn’t just the “others” who decided to make a new home for themselves on this little planet of ours. It was a multitude of things happening in succession that caused civilization to collapse and the death of billions.

It’s been a century since that all took place. New generations have grown to adulthood and society is starting to forget what it was like to live in a time where survival wasn’t one’s highest priority. Bands of people have begun to gather to create settlements of their own and try to meek out a living in the relative comfort of a society that is just a shadow of what it once was.

Local empires are rising where once a global society subsided and between the dangers that were left over from the old world, new ones, namely each other, have begun to make their presence known all too well.

Returning Home [The Story]

When the world ended, it wasn’t overnight nor was it total at first. The process took painstaking years. Painful of course for those who survived through it as they saw their friends and families perish around them. But also painful for those who were stranded, forced to watch from their stations as their home turned to ruin.

The main story takes place two hundred years from present. Earth’s sharp decline began in 2105 and lasted a nearly a decade. All the while, humanity’s newest, and perhaps greatest endeavor watched from the red sands of Mars where a colony city had been established nearly forty years prior.

Now, a century after this cataclysm, the Sons of Earth are returning home to reclaim what is theirs.

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